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About The Resource Box


About The Resource Box


The resources box developed from a hobby, after I stopped working as a teacher and took the kids out of school to homeschool them with, 18 years experience and qualifications in special education and teaching. I decided to find a hobby that would utilize these skills.
I developed a box of resources that I had used for my own kids and their needs, I was always getting parents ask me to make them resources I had. So I extended this box. Over time I was making more resources for more people and I develop a small range of different types of resources.
Weighted blankets were the biggest development as they are so hard to find in New Zealand and can’t be shipped in due to weight and import tax cost.
Over the last few years, we have developed a wider range of resources. Including weighted items, communication aids ,Te Reo games and books, behavior resources and sensory resources.  This year we have developed a website with an online shop that includes our homeschool blog, competitions, information, and a growing range of resources.


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