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Hi, my name is Kelly I’m a solo muma of 3 children. Each has their own additional needs, OCD, speech and language delays, development delays, ASD (Autism), SM (Selective Mutism) as well as 3 very unique personalities. All three children have been homeschooled for the past 6 years, you can follow us and our homeschool journey and homeschooling with special needs at 

I have lived in New Zealand for the past 12 years, we moved here, from the UK in search of a greener, calmer, slower, relaxed and simpler life than we led in the UK. We certainly found it here, we love New Zealand and it’s such a great place to homeschool and enjoy family life.

I grew up in a rural setting in southern England. As a teen, I worked as a babysitter, daycare and nursery supervisor. I have ECE dip and degree SEN (Special Educational Needs) Degree and many CIG ECE courses and SEN courses specializing in Autism, childhood development, the sunrise program,  speech and language, ABA program, behavior management plus many seminars and day courses.

We moved to New Zealand to start a new life adventure 12 years ago. My work with children continued but I could no longer work in ECE as my qualifications were more than 6 years old, so I started off at play center with my 2 girls and gained a New Zealand certificate in ECE. 

I worked as a classroom assistant in local primary schools including helping with reading programs and support for children with additional needs I've also work at a local inclusive preschool to regain my ECE degree. 

With all three children at school, we began to find the school system hard work having 3 children with additional needs and the school role increasing we decided to give homeschool a try. We have not looked back.

In 2013 I suffered severe headaches and could not concentrate I felt tired all the time and was in a lot of pain. I got rushed to hospital after having 2-3 seizures. I was diagnosed with a cyst on my brain and in my spine. After 2 operations, suffering a small stroke I begin to recover. I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and 2013 Christmas was spent in the HDU at Auckland Hospital. over the last 2 years, I have almost completely recovered from the effects of the cyst and stroke, only leaving a few small issues.

Once I recovered, I needed to find an outlet for me using my 18 years of qualifications and experience . So I developed a hobby. Designing special needs and educational resources for parents, children, and teachers. Now my children are older 11, 14 and 16 it’s now time I turned that hobby into a business.

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